HotNews – Stay Up-To-Date With News on SAP Products and Services

HotNews is one of the most popular news sites in Romania. It focuses on general topics, including finance, politics, and current affairs. The site also publishes videos documentaries, opinion pieces, and interviews. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed to stay updated with breaking news. This website is available in Romanian and English. We recommend you check it out! We hope you enjoy browsing through the articles and videos on HotNews!


If you’re looking for information on SAP products and services, Hotnews is a valuable resource. The site is free to subscribe to and offers updates on new versions, features, and upgrades. Usually, the news covers security issues, recommendations, and manual updates. Although the content is not urgent, it’s always important to be aware of new features. You’ll be notified via email when there’s an upgrade or new feature available.

HotNews is a web-based news service that enables you to customize it based on your specific needs. The user can select a particular version of the software product, its sub-modules, and support packages, and subscribe to specific items. The site also includes SAP TopNotes, which are important notes for a specific module or application. These documents contain important information you need to know about before implementing new features, and also include references to post-implementation steps.

If you use SAP products, HotNews is an important source of information for your business. Its free subscription offers easy navigation and can be filtered by specific modules and software components. Users can choose to subscribe to SAP TopNotes, which are notes on specific modules. You can review these before making any changes, and reference them to post-implementation steps. The list of topics covered by SAP HotNews is endless. It’s a great resource for keeping up with news on SAP products and services.

The SAP HotNews website was launched in 1999 and has been renamed to Revista presei in 2005. The news service is free and allows users to customize it according to their preferences. You can filter news by topic, product version, or company. The site also lets you subscribe to SAP TopNotes, which are important notes specific to a particular module or software. These documents include important information and tips before you implement a new feature.

In addition to SAP hotnews, you can also subscribe to the newsletter for other topics. While the newsletter does not provide you with any news about SAP products, you can subscribe to its RSS feed. While the newsletter is not very user-friendly, you can subscribe to a free RSS feed to receive the latest news from SAP. You can also choose to subscribe to your favorite news sources. It will be delivered directly to your inbox. You can even customize the content of your favorite news sites by using the RSS feeds.

SAP HotNews also contains a wealth of information. Most of the updates are related to security and are marked with a CVE (Common Vehicular Expression) identifier. Other updates are legal and manual changes. Not all of these are urgent, but SAP HotNews is still a great tool for keeping up with the latest changes in the SAP system. Its content is updated frequently and is easy to read. HOTNews is available to all customers on the SAP platform.